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Never would I have ever imagined that as a 24 year old I would be expanding a business that began simply as a hobby. I think the best things in life start that way; unexpected. I’d say you’re crazy if you had told me nearly two years ago that in the future my business would grow to the point that allowed my husband of barely two years to be full time with me. That was November of 2013. 

It’s now almost August of 2015 and that’s exactly what we’re doing: E X P A N D I N G. At a certain point, once your dreams have come true, God simply asks you to dream bigger. So this is where we are at, plain and simple. 

It was keeping me up at night {not just the editing} but the fact that I was having to say no, a shaky no, to potential new clients. So much of my business runs off word of mouth. I have poured myself out tirelessly to so many of you to build a good rapport. I’m humbled daily when someone reaches out for my services and tells me who sent them over. I literally thrive off it. As I closed out booking for my fall mini sessions a few days ago, I still had so many EXISTING clients that were left without a time slot. This basically would not do. 

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I bring on someone who has been behind the scenes with me for nearly two years. Some of you have seen her with me at weddings, or the many sessions she has frequented. The thing I most admire about Courtney, other than our ability to laugh about things uncontrollably, is her willingness to learn. 

My story with Courtney started out similar to how it began with some of you reading this. It was November of 2012 and she was smack dab in the middle of wedding planning. One thing lead to another and she booked me as her engagement and wedding photographer. By March of 2014 she shot her first wedding with me and I taught her how to operate her camera in the manual setting. Our relationship grew and grew and now she has my editing process down and edits full weddings for me. A tiny chat about working together in this amazing life as photographers has lead to this announcement: Samantha Daniels Photography + Courtney Ann Photography = THE KINDRED COLLECTIVE

I’m going to give you a second to let that name set in and allow you to look the word up in the dictionary for a better understanding. No, Courtney and I aren’t kinfolk but we are closely related through experiences and the things that bring us joy. We are {kindred spirits}. We want the photography experience from start to finish to be effortless and full of skill. We want to provide the best customer service, actually we constantly look for ways to go above and beyond. We actually won’t stop at this expansion. We want to bring on other artists who want to perfect their skill and learn from us and our experiences. Basically we want to accommodate every one who wants a session with us. We have already received such amazing feedback and Courtney has been able to schedule some of my returning clients for her fall mini session dates she has open. We have literally felt nothing but open arms and hearts from some of our dearest clients and we are eternally thankful.

Thank you guys so much for being so excited for us and willing to allow this change a place in your future plans for your photography needs. We would like to compile a FAQ blog post as our next post to answer any questions or concerns you may have for this new venture! Maybe a free session is in it for whomever asks the best question :) 

Deeply and sincerely,



Sarah Brownfield(non-registered)
How Exciting!! Congratulations! I am already compiling a list of good questions to ask!! ;)
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