Quarter Century!

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Another year of awesomeness is coming upon me as I welcome the twenty-fifth anniversary of my birth! SO many of my favorite people came over to the #cottageon26th {yes, our house has a hashtag} last night. I have some super close friends who live in other cities and states and hated that they couldn't be here. My actual birthday is August 28th, but we will be with Nick's family in Colorado so we celebrated with everyone early. On the 29th we fly to Los Angeles for another week, shoot a wedding in Kansas City on September 5th and will make our way back to the Fort on Labor Day. We are going to miss our peeps and our dawghters for two weeks!

As some of you know, I LOVE to have people in our home. I'm especially excited for the holidays as they draw nearer. Last Christmas season we had over 100 families in and out for the Christmas minis. It's just so special to me to bring people into our cozy home. I wanted to get everyone together but I absolutely HATE going to restaurants, sitting at long tables and then leaving without getting to visit with everyone. So we kept the party at home and man, was it worth it! We catered mexican food from La Huerta and had so many left overs!


zinnias are compliments of granny & papa's garden <3 DSC_7603DSC_7603

some tassels complimentary of a sweet bride, Katie Niemann! 


Literally everyone and their dog loves Sweet Boutique! DSC_7608DSC_7608 DSC_7609DSC_7609 DSC_7611DSC_7611

because quarter century sounds cooler than twenty-five :) DSC_7614DSC_7614

one of the kindred offspring, Oliver <3 DSC_7618DSC_7618 DSC_7619DSC_7619 DSC_7622DSC_7622 DSC_7631DSC_7631

Most of the MOST important people in my life! <3 Thank ya'll so much for coming!


My seester left before we started taking pictures.

DSC_7639DSC_7639 DSC_7641DSC_7641 DSC_7643DSC_7643

Harrison Gray <3



We are slightly disfunctional ;)


This girl! My partner in crime!  DSC_7661DSC_7661

This is my team, my tribe! 





Some of my longest friends! Love these girls! DSC_7684DSC_7684 DSC_7689DSC_7689

my newest friends, it's crazy to see how much can change in a year and who all has walked into your life <3 DSC_7694DSC_7694

my girls <3 DSC_7695DSC_7695

my squad. DSC_7698DSC_7698

Another kindred offspring, Micah! DSC_7701DSC_7701

and another kindred baby, Lily ;) DSC_7703DSC_7703 DSC_7710DSC_7710

You guys, JUST earlier this week I was in Suite One and saw their Giving Key display and wanted one soooo badly. I was so excited to open one up from my bestie, Sarah! I literally screamed! She wrote the sweetest card and chose the word Inspire. It's my greatest hope through this journey in photography, that I am able to inspire others to go after their dreams; no matter the level of crazy!  DSC_7712DSC_7712

Courtney whipped up this awesome photographer survival kit. I just love it so much! DSC_7713DSC_7713 DSC_7714DSC_7714 DSC_7715DSC_7715 DSC_7716DSC_7716 DSC_7717DSC_7717 DSC_7718DSC_7718 DSC_7719DSC_7719 DSC_7720DSC_7720

I'm so thankful for all of my friends and for the grace lavished upon me by God for allowing me to live another year! Every year keeps getting better. Nick and I will soon celebrate four years of marriage; time truly flies when you're having fun. I pray you all embrace each birthday as they come and that each year gets sweeter and that you keep dreaming bigger <3


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